China Crap  

I do not know why the Americans would ever need fear Chinese military superiority.

If China was to go to war with America I am certain that within one month of the conflict, most of their Chinese soldier's boots would have fallen part, half their rifles will have stopped firing and 90% of their bombs will fail to detonate as designed. - If they used their own products!

Well sure, I am exaggerating - but you get my drift

Now I know the products that I purchased from China are cheap in comparison to those that are made in the country that I live in (AU) BUT I always reasonably thought that this costs differential was as a consequence of:

  • the Chinese government holding down the exchange rate of the Yuan. - (1/6 of the the AU value); and
  • Chinese workers being paid an abysmal wage in comparison to their efforts. - (1/10 of a comparative US worker).

I never realized, in the beginning, that there products are also cheap because they're just a piece of crap, i though thier cheapnes was solely based on labour cost. i didnt realize it was also the material.

The materials used in the products manufactured in China is not just lower quality, they're absolutely crap quality. Apparently paying your workers almost nothing and having the government artificially hold down your exchange-rate is not a sufficient inducement to becoming wealthy members of the party, you actually need to dishonestly manipulate the quality of the products you produce as well..

Everything from the quality of the plastics through to the quality of the glue through to the composition of the metals, concrete and the fibreproducts is just crap.

And I really can't blame Chinese workers from not having pride in the products they produce. I certainly wouldn't have any pride in working for anybody that was deliberately and mercenarily exploiting me.

1 kilo of rice in Au is $1.52 in China is $0.44c AU. A ratio of 1 to 3.5 - [1/10 the income but pay 1/3 the cost of living].

Is this a bit simplistic - Yes but this is not the point of this web site. This is about saying "no" to more products from China that are just plain Crap.


Send me your China crap. Well no actually the crap itself don’t send me that but send me an image and a description so we can put your products into the Crap Gallery